Physically ordinary,mentally extraordinary.
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John Green-The Fault In Our Sstars

We put the thing that does the killing between our teeth,by we don’t give it the power to kill

I was scrolling on 9gag and I came across this post that says “take the book nearest to you and open page 45,the first sentence on that page describes your love life ”
Me obviously curious decided to open Looking For Alaska by John Green.The first sentence on page 45 was a simple “yup”.I decided that I made a stupid decision and closed the book and watched a movie.
But I started think about it,maybe my love life was just as simple as the “yup”,none of usual `I love yous` and `I missed yous`.None.Just simple “hey,how was your day?fine?how was school?you have to go?oh alright then bye” that’s it.Maybe I’m thinking ahead of myself,maybe he just doesn’t care and is just oblivious,maybe I’m just to pathethic,while he is just simple minded.Maybe its just too fast.

"I [kill] 24 million of them a year… We’re creating monsters.

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The Neighbourhood {Wires}

If he said help me kill the president,
I’d say he needs medicine,
Sick of screaming let us in,
The wires got the best of him.
All that he invested in, goes
Straight to hell.
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